a16z crypto founder Chris Dixon's new book highlights how blockchains can lead to a more equitable internet coverart

a16z crypto founder Chris Dixon's new book highlights how blockchains can lead to a more equitable internet

Chris Dixon is a managing partner at a16z and the founder of a16z crypto. In this episode, Dixon gives an overview of his new book, Read Write Own: Building the Next Generation of the Internet, and explains how blockchains have the potential to create more equatable online experiences. OUTLINE 00:00 Background 08:04 New Book 11:13 Crypto Skeptics 14:56 Tech Centralization 19:53 Web2 vs Web3 24:11 Networks vs Tokens 31:12 Platform Ownership 33:49 Platform Take Rates 37:49 Consumer Crypto 40:49 Regulatory Uncertainty 47:29 Venture Landscape
Will Aerodrome and Velodrome Dethrone Uniswap? coverart

Will Aerodrome and Velodrome Dethrone Uniswap?

Alex Cutler and Ace are Core Contributors at Aerodrome and Velodrome. In this episode, we discuss whether Aerodrome and Velodrome can dethrone Uniswap. Alex and Ace share why these popular ve(3,3) AMMs continue to capture a significant portion of Uniswap’s dominance on Base and Optimism, and how they’ve set the bar for teams championing the anti-VC sentiment with zero fees, no VC backing, and no major team unlocks. ------ 🔗 Essential Show Links 🔗 ► Youtube: https://youtube.com/@defidad ► Apple: https://tinyurl.com/edgepod ► Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/edgepodspotify ► Linktree: https://linktr.ee/edge_pod ► Follow DeFi Dad: https://twitter.com/DeFi_Dad ► Follow Nomatic: https://twitter.com/Nomaticcap ► Learn about DeFi and Web3: http://defidad.com/ ------ The Edge Podcast Sponsor Resources 🚀 FLAT MONEY | NEW FLATCOIN AND DELTA-NEUTRAL MARKETPLACE BACKED BY RETH https://flat.money/ 💧 INSTADAPP | NEW LENDING AND BORROWING VAULTS WITH FLUID https://fluid.instadapp.io/ 🧑‍🌾 MANTLE | THE ETHEREUM L2 FOR TOP NATIVE YIELDS https://www.mantle.xyz/ 🍵 MATCHA.XYZ | THE BEST PRICE ON OVER 5 MILLION TOKENS https://matcha.xyz/ 🟢 KELP DAO | THE FIRST LIQUID RESTAKING PLATFORM FOR LSTS https://kelpdao.xyz/restake 🔵 BLUEBERRY | THE DEFI PRIME BROKERAGE https://www.blueberry.garden/ ------ Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 5:43 - Start of ve(3,3) AMMs 9:46 - The flywheel nature of ve(3,3) 15:04 - Aligning core contributors as veToken lockers 20:32 - The magic of a bear market start 26:16 - Why build on Base? 30:42 - Why build Slipstream? 35:30 - Blueberry mid-roll 35:59 - Importance of the OP Superchain 41:24 - Closing ------ 🔗 Guest Links 🔗 ► Velodrome Website: https://velodrome.finance/ ► Aerodrome Website: https://aerodrome.finance/ ► Velodrome on Twitter: https://twitter.com/velodromefi ► Aerodrome on Twitter: https://twitter.com/aerodromefi ► Alex on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wagmialexander ► Ace on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ace_da_book ------ If you're a DeFi/Web3 builder, contact our team at: https://fourthrevolution.capital/ All opinions expressed by hosts and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and not necessarily those of Fourth Revolution Capital. Podcast guests and 4RC may have positions in the assets or other matters discussed in this podcast. DeFi Dad holds VELO and AERO. This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions. Do your own research. This is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) related to any platform(s) discussed.
How to reward collectors with Diana Chen coverart

How to reward collectors with Diana Chen

Diana Chen is the founder of Rehash, the first community-owned podcast. In this episode, we talk about how to reward and engage with your audience in new ways by leveraging onchain media.
Ep 191 - ChatGPT Gets Horny coverart

Ep 191 - ChatGPT Gets Horny

Welcome to the Alfalfa Podcast 🌾 Chapter/Timestamps: 0:00 Stream Starting Soon 02:10 Intro Banter 15:41 Welcome! 20:00 Alfalfa Round 33:39 Roaring Kitty! 50:34 GPT Gets Horny 1:12:21 Delusion Calculator 1:29:16 Do They Rich Stay Rich? 1:55:36 Thanks Magic Spoon!
Podcasts are for Back Pats coverart

Podcasts are for Back Pats

On this week's episode of MARS, Matthew & Rizzle do some back patting. A lot of it actually. But they aren't patting themselves on the back, well maybe a little. Instead they talk about the platform par excellence that The WIP has become as a stage for highlighting cool, weird things at the bleeding edge of the crypto space, and the spillover effects all of this has had on our personal lives. Shout-outs & Shots-fired: @supahmarbler @memeexplorers @marble_cards @wizardx_0x @kelseydriscoll @0x_Lucas @CollectPods @pfeffunit @farcaster_xyz @dragonateyt @samuelljackson @metageistvr @toxsam @paradoxx_media @Hanrgb @bryanbrinkman @NeuralBricolage @popwondernft @mattkaneartist @ezincr @lukegerbil @skeenee_art @empresstrash @cyberbrokers_

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