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many such cases 11: feet, frames, long casts, and a surprise guest
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About the episode

on this episode, @ted and @nonlinear.eth are joined by special guest, @v, to kick off a discussion about longer casts and frames — but not until after they cover the recent trend of [redacted] that is both a hysterical and mortifying case study in farcaster virality.

after getting the rundown on longer cast intentions and current developer (and consumer) pain points on frames, we focus on exploring the potential for better content creation that enhances the entertainment value and social experience on farcaster. we share the frame experiences we love most as well as offer new ideas for more entertainment-driven, less utility-driven frames.

last, we revisit the current zeitgeist on power badges and content discovery through the lens of marketplace dynamics. we could be midcurving it, but it made pretty good sense to us.

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