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Ep.22: Vibhu from Drip Haus, Solana L2s, SC07, Degen L3, The Token is the Product, Sofamon
Josh Cornelius
Jess Sloss
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About the episode

A weekly rundown show where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Join us live and online on Fridays @ 10AM PST live.seedclub.xyz

01:21 we’ve got Vibhu joining us from Drip Haus
02:30 How are you describing what Drip is and what’s the intention behind the product?
04:43 Scaling to 160,000 daily active users
06:04 Using machine learning to parse productive users from unproductive ones
07:34 On the choice to go with Solana and creating a simple click to claim mechanism
08:44 Droplets are redeemable for collectibles on the platform and you get 5-10 to claim
11:51 Using the platform to distribute physical artworks and where Drip fits in the creator stack
16:54 No one anticipated a company like Drip existing on Solana pushing 10M NFTs each week
19:39 Solana L2s are coming, there are a number of teams working on solutions now
23:19 The next cohort for Seed Club’s SC.07 has been announced and we’re super excited
25:36 We have a huge range of projects from marketplaces to memecoins, AI, social and more
33:31 Josh tries to introduce the next topic but Peace needs to mint the Little Darlings drop
34:51 Mark Beylin wrote a piece we love called ‘The Token Is The Product’ - Let’s get into it
36:56 Looking at airlines as an example with reward points being a huge part of business
42:44 Moving on to $DEGEN, the Scenecoin of Farcaster - our terminology is catching on
43:37 Announcing Degen Chain - a low cost L3 that will be using $DEGEN as a native gas token
46:20 Charlie Munger talks about building in waves in crypto and how the narrative changes
47:38 Memestocks and a recent story about Truth Social being valued over $6 billion
49:11 We’re seeing more and more stocks that are growing memetically like Tesla, GameStop
54:06 Let’s talk about Sofamon - a project that came out of the last Seed Club cohort SC.06
57:34 Senspace’s new game launch

Hosts: Jess Sloss & Josh Cornelius
Web VJ: Peacenode
Production: Cheryl Douglass

None of this is financial or tax advice.

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