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Ep.25: Brian Flynn (Boost), Runes and Bitcoin Ordinals, Halving, Airdrop Fumbles, Social Token Distribution
Jess Sloss
Josh Cornelius
Brian Flynn
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About the episode

A weekly rundown show where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Join us live and online on Fridays @ 10AM PST live.seedclub.xyz

00:27 Intro - We’re back, it’s episode 25, and we’ve got Brian Flynn co-hosting
02:25 Quick reminder, we’re hosting Free Wifi - an event at Farcon in LA on 5/4
03:53 What’s the latest from Boost and finding the right users for a given product
05:59 Maria Shen’s tweet thread on 20 of the most innovative onchain experiences
07:30 Deeper dive on crypto social mechanics, Nouns DAO launching a token
09:54 It’s interesting how the token model can dictate how a coin is described
12:17 Memecoins vs NFTs and lowering the barrier to entry for participants
13:55 How PartyDAO is evolving, crowdfunding for DAOs and NFTs, Party vs Party
16:28 It was a hot week with a lot of drama in and around Crypto The Game
20:39 Putting a price on things that didn’t have a price before, the 2nd half of Maria’s thread
21:24 Taking a look at what Unlonely is doing with livestreaming and 30 minute token launches
24:25 Digging into Runes and Bitcoin Ordinals, something Peace has waited a long time for
27:33 Peace tells the story of how he got into Bitcoin and shares his thoughts on Bitcoin the brand
31:11 The Bitcoin Halving is announced with a short clip by Peace that’s now up to be minted on Zora
34:56 Let’s talk about Uniswap, reaching $250B in L2 volume, creating a market for absolutely anything
40:17 Discussing marketing strategy in crypto and Ben Roy’s tweets about Farcaster’s strategy
43:03 First time founders focus on product, second time founders focus on distribution
47:55 We hold the belief that tokens are a form of media and experimentation driven by price
48:20 Looking at the struggle with airdrops, Jupiter, and other de-fi protocols putting tokens out
53:17 Brian brings up a tweet by Mason from Token Soft discussing onchain go-to-market strategy
56:43 Remaining bullish on social distribution, curating audiences and looking at what $ENJOY is doing
1:00:00 We’re at the top of the hour, thanks for tuning in, see you next week at 11AM PST / 1PM EST

Hosts: Jess Sloss
Web VJ: Peacenode
Guests: Brian Flynn
Production: Cheryl Douglass

None of this is financial or tax advice.

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