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Ep.23: Degen Chain, Syndicate, Orb on Lens, $ENJOY tipping, L3s, Gas tokens
Josh Cornelius
Jess Sloss
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About the episode

A weekly rundown show where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Join us live and online on Fridays @ 10AM PST live.seedclub.xyz

04:34 Let’s move into the L3 conversation, welcome to Jacek and Will from Degen Chain
06:18 Syndicate - the frame chain
12:34 There are tons of experimental ideas for tokens already playing out as L3 applications
17:58 Tipping was very unpopular when it first launched, now its social distribution for tokens
21:25 How they decided to use Degen as a gas token
25:43 Next let’s bring Nilesh from Orb
30:15 Creating a different category for users and thinking of them as curators instead
33:07 Rebranding communities as a feature in the app to ‘Clubs’ that have superpowers
36:30 You can now mint directly within the Orb app, just swipe and that’s it, you’re done
37:09 Building for mobile wallet users and the many who prefer not to use mobile wallets
42:23 Typical ways to launch coins vs how $ENJOY was launched and how tipping works
45:05 Quick recap of all the things we’ve seen pop up for Enjoy - ads, an anthem is coming, etc
54:04 Josh was actually first to launch the Costco Hot Dog memecoin on pump.fun
56:28 This is just funny, there’s an AI token generator? Might be a top signal
58:10 We’re going to be doing a ton of fun stuff at Farcaster in LA coming up in May, stay tuned

Hosts: Jess Sloss & Josh Cornelius
Web VJ: Peacenode
Production: Cheryl Douglass

None of this is financial or tax advice.

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