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Ep.24: LGHT x $higher, Colby Mugradi x mmERCH, $Nouns, The Scenecoin Opportunity
Josh Cornelius
Jess Sloss
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About the episode

A weekly rundown show where extremely online individuals broadly explore (romanticize, even) new consumer internet experiences.

Join us live and online on Fridays @ 10AM PST live.seedclub.xyz

03:12 LGHT - Higher, memecoins, and more
06:47 The origin story of the Higher channel and how it evolved into a token
08:35 How the idea of Higher being a scenecoin resonates vs being a brand token
11:01 Higher as a DAO token and comparing it to Enjoy being a scenecoin
12:50 LGHT on Higher becoming a lifestyle brand and building a grassroots movement
15:37 How brands can contextualize or constrain on-chain creation in useful ways
20:21 Welcoming Colby Mugrabi to the show to talk about her project MMERCH
22:42 Colby’s background in fashion, discovering Web3, and thinking about generative art
25:14 Digging into the mechanics of the upcoming MMERCH drop and how it works
28:19 Some of the specifics on the materials and manufacturing of these hoodies
30:19 How the MMERCH NFC chip works and how to redeem your token for your wearable
32:13 Colby’s take on MMERCH being a brand that exists in the metaverse vs in the real world
34:37 Drop logistics, allowlist, partnering with DieWithTheMostLikes
36:40 Shifting gears to discuss a piece Josh wrote on The Scenecoin Opportunity
39:37 Jess’s take on The Scenecoin Opportunity and getting your token into the right hands
45:45 Jumping to Nouns DAO announcing they’re launching a token called $NOUNS
51:32 Perpetuating the Nouns meme further and how scarcity has impacted potential growth
53:16 Andrew Kang’s tweet about Mr. Beast and, Unlonely playing with tokens and live streaming
58:03 One quick lightning round on Friend Tech getting a bit of redemption and their imminent launch
01:00 Signing off, thanks for joining, we’ll see you next Friday at 10AM PST, every week is a big week

Hosts: Jess Sloss & Josh Cornelius
Web VJ: Peacenode
Production: Cheryl Douglass

None of this is financial or tax advice.

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