many such cases 9: farcon debrief and farcaster’s real existential risk
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About the episode

We return to Many Such Cases with an inside look at FarCon (00:25), an in-depth discussion on the cast and tweet heard around the world (26:59), and our own POV on Warpcast’s current “existential risk” (57:53).

We couldn’t be happier to be back at it again and we hope you can hear the joy and excitement and fulfillment in both our laughter and discussions.

Links below:
McBain’s post about FarCon:
- https://warpcast.com/mcbain/0xc14d17b7

The Cast and Tweet heard around the world:
- https://warpcast.com/0xdesigner/0x85ca56da
- https://twitter.com/0xDesigner/status/1787182104696271135

Commentary re: First Time User Experience (FTUX):
- https://warpcast.com/dwr.eth/0x1ac98056
- https://warpcast.com/smokingfrog.eth/0x51e82513
- https://x.com/papa_raw/status/1789743855622885519

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