The Matthew & Rizzle Show
A Crazy Tuesday in Cryptoland
Matthew aka niftytime
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About the episode

What. A. Tuesday. Sheesh.

On this week's episode of MARS, Matthew & Rizzle try to unpack all the big things that went down on Tuesday March 26th in Cryptoland starting with the sold out CENTS release over on sovrn.art. Matthew explains the nuance and artistic intent behind the project before touching on the $200k "Vampire Kiss" DRAKULA is currently carrying out by offering video content creators up to $1000 in $DEGEN a week to take their Tik-tok talents to the Farcaster protocol powered video sharing app.

Before getting to the third big news event of Tuesday, Rizzle jumps in to give an up date on Rizzlefest 2024 and sings Charl3s of Nifty Island's praises for absolutely crushing the WIP last week and previewing tomorrow's WIP featuring the spectacular Bay Backner who will be taking the WIP Fam into Decentraland to tour the MESH Fair Art Week build out.

Before wrapping up Matthew gives a quick overview of the $62M Munchables hack that happened on the Blast shitchain before highlighting the badass SEAL 911 Team that appears to have swooped in to save the day, $62M, and somehow and extra $35M in the process.

Shout-outs & Shots-fired:

@sovrnart @bitcoin @blast_l2 @pacmanblur @_munchables_ @alexmasmej @Drakulaapp @farcaster_xyz @warpcast_ @ezincr @thesandboxgame @audius @axieinfinity @stellabelle @mxjxn @viamirror @ensdomains @coldie @kurokeh @nfcsummit @superrare @louiecrhymes @cyberbrokers_ @MetaBrookHawk @baybackner @MESHfair @decentraland @metageistvr @kelseykdriscoll @zachxbt @samczsun @_seal_org @github @charl3svii @nifty_island @supahmarbler @skybravoshow @flyfrogsnft @0xSteady @steadystudios_ @binx3ps @dragonateyt @dragonatesmom https//warpcast.com/ted

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