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S2 E17 | Music NFTs, Community Building, Education & More w/LATASHÁ
Diana Chen
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About the episode

Collectors of this episode will be able to nominate guests for Season 7 of the podcast starting in January 2024.

Latashá is a musical artist, Head of Community at Zora, Founder of Zoratopia, and Contributor to herstoryDAO, refractionDAO, unicornDAO, and FWB.

We kickoff the episode with Latasha sharing a bit about her background and how she got into music NFTs. Although she was skeptical at first, she eventually embraced NFTs as a way to monetize her work while retaining ownership over it, and she leaves listeners who may also feel skeptical with some advice on beginning to navigate web3.

We dive into how web3 is changing artists’ relationships with their producers, fans, and labels - ultimately giving more power to the creators and their fans. We discuss some aspects of the music space that web3 is improving (like increasing the speed of payment to artists) as well as some areas that still need some work.

We get into the topic of community and Latashá shares her secret sauce to creating a strong and loyal fanbase. We also discuss the importance of diversity in web3, including how to consciously curate it in communities, and why it seems to be a challenge for some companies.
To close out our conversation, Latashá leaves listeners with some advice for starting a music career in 2022 and she shares how you can get involved with Zoratopia.

To continue this conversation and stay up to date on all things Rehash, you can follow Diana on Twitter @ddwchen and Rehash @rehashweb3. You can also follow Latashá on Twitter @CallMeLatasha and Zora @ourZORA.

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