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S3 E2 | Non-Financial Use Cases for Tokens w/David Phelps
Diana Chen
David Phelps
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About the episode

Collectors of this episode will be able to nominate guests for Season 7 of the podcast starting in January 2024.

On this Episode of Rehash, we sat down with David Phelps.

On top of being the founder of JokeDAO and an investor at Cowfund, David is also a writer, thinker, and talented shitposter.

Contrary to what his boyish looks might suggest, David is a boomer who spent his prior life in the web2 and education spaces. After starting a tutoring agency that gave tutors a much larger slice of the revenue pie, David found his way into the web3 DAO space. Today, he continues to focus on projects that give creators and users the ownership and compensation that they deserve.

JokeDAO is an on-chain governance platform used by web3 projects (including Rehash!) to create and run contests in a fair, decentralized manner. In the short time since it popped up, JokeDAO has been used by other creators like Packy McCormick and organizations like Tally and Jukebox to give their communities a stronger voice in what they’re making.

As someone who spends much of his time thinking about and working on governance, David brings us on a deep dive into its nuances. We discuss the role of tokens in voting and online communities, why governance should be chaotic, and some of the unique challenges JokeDAO has faced. David also tells us about the intricate ways that JokeDAO could be used to create more community-aligned proposals and decisions.

Aside from governance, David explains the potential of blockchains and projects like Cosmos and Celestia, gives his bullish argument for web3, and breaks down what he looks for when investing in the space.

For good measure, we also make plenty of cow jokes, we take a look at the line between governance and moderation, David shills Cosmos, and he explains why beavers (real ones, not from cartoons) should be the official symbol of JokeDAO.

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