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S3 E10 | The Evolution of Media w/Steph Alinsug
Diana Chen
Steph Alinsug
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About the episode

Collectors of this episode will be able to nominate guests for Season 7 of the podcast starting in January 2024.

In this episode of Rehash, we sat down with Steph Alinsug, Media Steward at Seed Club - an accelerator program for DAOs and DAO builders.

When Steph first heard about crypto from a podcast, the concept of DAOs and social tokens clicked for her right away. With previous careers as a branding specialist and a community organizer, she was always looking for a way to bring those two passions together. Web3 offered an opportunity to do just that.

Steph’s community-first branding approach lent itself nicely to her role at Seed Club, and she realized that the content she was creating wasn’t just content for the sake of marketing, but media that leveraged storytelling and community building to impact people with aligned values. This key difference is precisely what distinguishes content as we know it in web2 from the decentralized media of web3.

We dive into all of the nuances surrounding content, branding, marketing, media, decentralized media, web3 media, media in DAOs, and decentralized content creation. Although we use some of these terms interchangeably, Steph breaks down how she distinctly thinks about them, and we discuss Rafa’s project Folklore - a leading example of community first media.

We double click on the human side of all of this as we discuss the inevitable hierarchy in DAOs, how media DAOs can progressively decentralize, ownership over the media you create, and the role curation plays in the decentralization of media. We also talk more broadly about conflict resolution and how imperative human to human relationships are as we explore new ways to organize ourselves and produce meaningful work in DAOs.

We close out our conversation with a few fun questions and Steph tells us how to find her and Seed Club on Twitter.

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