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S2 E10 | The Future of Decentralized Social w/Christina Beltramini
Diana Chen
Christina Beltramini
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About the episode

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On this Episode of Rehash: a web3 podcast, we sat down with Christina Beltramini, Head of Growth at Aave & Lens.

Lens is a permissionless, composable, and decentralized social graph that makes building a web3 social platform easy.

We begin our episode getting to know Christina, her background, and how she got into web3. Christina shares her experience at Tiktok and her transition into web3, landing a job at Aave and Lens. She explains some of the most prevalent issues with web2 social media and defines an alternative: decentralized social media. We dive into what a social graph is and how social graphs differ in web2 vs. web3.

Christina explains Lens protocol’s vision and how they are aiming to solve many of the web2 social media issues that exist today. We discuss issues surrounding privacy, censorship, moderation, and permissions. Next, we talk about business models for social platforms and how decentralized platforms will be fundamentally different from our current ones.

We discuss marketing strategies for content creators and how the transition to web3 can cut out middlemen and offer creators and their fans more control over their relationships. To close out our conversation, we discuss the role of social media on the mental health of our society and look to the future for how web3 can potentially improve social media’s role in mental health.

We conclude with a game of this or that and Christina leaves us with some secret Lens POAP. To continue this conversation and stay up to date on all things Rehash, you can follow Diana on Twitter @ddwchen and Rehash @rehashweb3.

You can also follow Christina on Twitter @0xChristina

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